The Journal of the Pacific Northwest Chapter
Antique and Classic Boat Society
World Wide Web Edition/ Dec. '99 Issue

Special President's Edition November 1999

MONTHLY MEETINGS: the second Wednesday evening each month; at Hidden Harbor Restaurant. Meet in the bar around 6:30; and/or meeting starts in the Banquet room at 7:00. Come by boat-- moorage is available. Meeting dates: November 10th, December Officers & Board only, January 12th; February 9th, and so on. CALL: Club President, Ron Stevenson 206.232.7504, or


December 11: Christmas Caroling, Lighted Boat Parade Meet Saturday at 5:00 pm bring some food and drink to share, along with some warm clothes. Boats depart at 5:30 for buoy "C13" off Gas Works Park. Three cruisers are available so far for the event. Contact Dick Kasperson at 425.745.1538 to arrange for a boat ride and a place to meet at 5:00. This is a great opportunity to meet club members and get into the Christmas spirit. January: Possible Boat Show at the new Event Center by Safeco Field. Watch your newsletter for details. Contact Wally Goleeke, 206.523.2084.

February: Annual Unofficial Sammamish Slough Race. As always contact Bob "Tin Man" Haynes 425.837. 8312. See who can bring the scroungiest boat and complete the whole race! Nice runabouts are automatically disqualified.

March or April: Garage Tour-- What shall we do this year?
May: Opening Day!
June: Scavenger Hunt? 'Tastin' & Racin'
July: Portland Boat Show?
July 8 &; 9: Kelowna Boat Show This is a great event held in British Columbia. A lot of our members attend this event and really enjoy the wonderful Canadian hospitality! Contact Stephanie Taylor, 250.763.8603.
July 14, 15, & 16: Lake Coeur d'alene Boat Show
July 29 & 30: Our Boat Show Coulon Park in Renton. Contact Dick and Sue Kasperson, 425.745.1538.
August 11 & 12: Lake Tahoe Concours
September: Family Fun Day: This will be held at a new location, at Pat & Terri McGillivary's home on Lake Roesiger by Monroe 425.335.1830. This is always a great event; whether you bring a boat or not! Watch your newsletters for details and other events. Or come to the monthly meetings and be the first to know!

Annual Dinner

Many thanks to our hosts Bev & Rob Corliss for another great evening. Also deserving of credit is Wally Goleeke who was kind enough to make all the arrangements for using the Swedish Club. The Skit Committee did an outstanding portrayal of "Queen For A Day" Congratulations to Sue Kasperson for receiving the "Woman of The Year" Award. Partaking in the skit was Shannon Magnusson, Marie Frauenheim, Marsha Erickson, Lois Hoffman, Dolores Flaherty, Kathy Dow, Lori Fosnes, Bev Corliss, and Diane Stevenson. Marty Loken was another individual who put forth a great deal of effort at the dinner organizing the auction. Thanks to all of you who contributed auction items, we had a great variety and thanks to all of you who bought auction items, we raised some money for our club.
The following awards were presented:
The President's Award is selected by the President for the person(s) who have contributed the most to the overall success of our chapter. This can be a very difficult decision because of all of the outstanding members who do contribute so much. Rob & Beverly Corliss were this years recipients. They have also established a milestone with three generations of family participation in our club at one time. Congratulations Rob &; Bev!

The Limelight Award was presented to Marty Loken for his efforts in putting our club in the "limelight" through his national involvement, his quarterly newsletters, his work with our boat show program and other projects. Thanks Marty!

The "Leaky Boat Award" is presented to a member who, dare we say "screwed up"! Again this is a tough one to decide, so many of us are human and make mistakes. Land Washburn won this year with his outstanding performance of running the "Noreen" aground on opening day and having to call a tug to pull him off! It always nice to see a past president receive this award, again, I believe, a first!

Finally, it was my pleasure to present our Past President Tim Johnson the "Past- Presidents Award". It is an acknowledgement of all of the fine effort and dedication that he has put forth over the last two years. I think the award itself was very appropriate, It was a prototype of a boat to be used for "Kids Korner" at our last boat show. This was an idea that Tim brought to fulfillment for the enjoyment of a lot of little and big people! Thanks to Marty Loken for his effort in making this trophy, it is beautiful! Thanks to you Tim for all you've done, you've have set a high standard: I hope I can do as well.

President's Message:

In reading through my new ACBS Presidents Manual, there are some good suggestions that would benefit our club and its members. It suggests someone act as a "Technical Coordinator". We actually all do this to some degree, referring different people to someone concerning operation and/or restoration. I see our coordinator simply gathering information that our club members already have; i.e. who has the manuals, parts, suppliers, for various things we need, and acting as a single source starting point for a club member to go to for reference help. This person could also write an occasional article for the newsletter, and maybe contribute a few words at our monthly meetings, i.e. so-and-so has a copy of a Ford Interceptor engine manual. I think that this is a great idea that would really benefit all of us. Any volunteers?

We have already seen the need for a "Historian", and I am grateful to Wally Goleeke for stepping forward to assemble the history of our club. Please help him with any old newsletters, programs, or remembrances of club events. He is currently in need of pictures for events in the early eighties. Trivia question: What year was the garage tour when we first saw Ken Muscatel's "Miss America VIII" race boat?

As more of us buy cruiser type boats, I think it may be a good idea to recognize these members of the "Cruiser Class" and help define their position in our club. They can organize cruiser events, and as they do now, invite the rest of us to participate. Boy, there is nothing better than using "OPB's" (other people's boats) for some of our events (i.e. Christmas Caroling). Just ask me, I've had plenty of experience!

Like wise, some of our members are "Race Boaters", and there is no reason why they shouldn't receive special recognition. It would be nice to know how many of you there are and what boats you have. Perhaps you could involve other members in some special race boat activity or event of interest to us. Those are some of the ideas I have considered to help move our club forward. I feel strongly that we have one of the best groups of people anywhere, yet there are some things we can do to involve more of you. I look forward to working with all of the officers, board members, and members-- let's go for a boat ride!




Dan Albanese, Fred Bush
Beverly Corliss, John Courtwright
Dick Dow, Chris Eden
John Flaherty, Pat Ford
Wally Goleeke, Brad Green
Bob Haynes, Karl Hoffman
Mike Hutchinson, Dennis Johnson
Ike Kielgass, Kirk Knapp
Larry O'leary, Shannon Magnusson
Alan Thomle

"Do The Duwamish"

Saturday October 29th was supposed to be rainy and cold, but fair weather was with us when we met at the Don Armeni Boat Ramp, and launched our various craft. Karl & Lois Hoffman brought "Blue Jay", and hosted Alan & Yvonne Thomle, and Curt & Marsha Erickson. John & Dolores and kids brought the Frauenheim's cruiser "Pile On"; John, have you ever brought your own boat to any club event? We had some new club members on"Serenity" a 1947 36' Chris Craft Sedan. Welcome to Dan Bailey & Rick Haageman, and their friends Sonya Meredith & Diane. Dan works at the Seaview East boat yard. Small craft included Dick & Sue Kasperson with "Rapparee" and George and Peg Corley. Dick Dow debuted his new acquisition: a 1958 16' Dakota Rocket (plywood outboard utility) with myself and his friend Steve. Dennis Johnson rented a boat from the Seacrest Boat House, Bob Haynes brought "Tin Man" (or will you name it "Foiled?) with the Evinrude Speeditwin. Kirk & Joan Knapp brought "Connie" with their friends. And finally, our host & hostess Fred and Kaly Bush brought "Betty Boop" with their friends John and Ann. Fred provided a great map and historical guide, and Dick provided us a historical guide that involved his ancestors who pioneered the area. What a treat that was!

The cruisers got stopped by a bridge somewhere by Boeing Field, but Dennis and myself, Bob, Dick & Steve; continued all the way past Tukwila and south of I-405, to almost where Andy's Diner is or was. The further up we went the prettier is was!

Fred and Kaly opened their home for some wonderful salmon and goodies, and we watched the late thirties western "Terror In Tiny Town". The typical shoot 'em up, good guys, bad guys, good-guy-gets-the-girl, with one major exception-- the cast were all midgets &; dwarfs! This really was a great outing with weather that turned good. Let's make it a yearly event!

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