The Antique & Classic Boat Society, Inc.

Membership Application

The Antique & Classic Boat Society, Inc is an International organization based in Clayton, New York with nearly 40 US and Canadian chapters existing today. The ACBS was formed in 1974, and has grown substantially year by year. Membership in the ACBS International organization, which is mandatory for chapter members, brings with it a vastly widened access to fellow enthusiasts and their projects through an International membership roster, indexed by member name, manufacturer of boats owned, boat type, and chapter affiliation. In addition to chapter publications, members receive a quarterly newsletter (The Rudder) from the International organization, containing a wealth of useful information. It is not necessary to own a boat to be a member.


To provide a means through which individuals sharing a common interest in antique and classic boating can meet to share experiences and information, exchange ideas and generate enthusiasm for all aspects of their interest.

To serve as a repository and clearing house for all information relating to antique and classic boating.

To establish and monitor protocol as it relates to antique and classic boats or boating.

To communicate with and report to the membership, the public and the government at all levels regarding its activities, purpose and goals.

To promote, further and encourage a love and enjoyment of antique and classic boating at its highest level in all of its aspects.

To establish chapters throughout the world for a complete representation of interest.

To sponsor antique and classic boat shows for the benefit of the public at large and to educate members of the Society and the public by conducting research and maintaining a library with information regarding classification, restoration, and authenticity of antique and classic boats and in general, promote and sponsor activities designed to promote an interest in and educate the public about antique and classic boats and safe boating.

ACBS, Inc. Boat Classifications

Historic: A boat built in the period of 1918 or previous.

Antique: A boat built in the period 1919 - 1942

Classic: A boat built in the period 1943 - 1968

Contemporary Classic: A boat built in the period 1968 through the present

Replica: A boat built in a non-production manner, intended to be one of a kind, and usually a copy or duplicate of a boat previously built or manufactured.


By filling out the application below you will be joining the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the ACBS. If you are interested in joining another chapter in another part of the country, please contact that chapter. 

You may be able to print out this application using your browser.

Membership Application

Name:________________________________Spouse / Co-Member_______________________


E-mail__________________ Telephone (Daytime) (____) ___________(Evening) (____) __________

Type of Membership Annual Dues: 55.00

Chapter (if Applicable) Pacific NW Dues: 25.00

Total Remittance: 80.00 Cash______Check______Gift_____(Please include givers name and address)

Directory Information (Boats(s) owned at Present)

Year Builder Model Length Overall Hull # Boat Name Engine Make Cyl. HP


Please list additional boats on separate sheet in the same format.

Make your check out to ACBS, print this form and mail to Kirk Knapp, 8704 SR 530 NE Arlington, WA 98223 or E-mail at if you have further questions.