Pacific Northwest Chapter-Mailing List Notes and Instructions

The mailing list is a useful addition to the resources for members of our chapter. One of the greatest burdens on a nonprofit organization is communication with members. The purpose of the list is to provide a method by which the board can communicate quickly and efficiently with the membership. It also provides a means by which chapter members can reach the collective wisdom of the group with questions and comments about classic boating.
The mailing list is only being sent to members and recent members of the club. It is a benefit of membership in our chapter and is not open to the general public. If you do not wish to receive this Digest, please e-mail Pat Ford at and I will remove you from the list.

This is the way your mailing list works: When a member posts to the list, your message, together with any others, are aggregated together on the ACBS-PNW mail server. These messages are then sent out daily; currently the server is set to send at around 8:30pm Seattle time. The mailing list Digest is sent to all members that have a e-mail address on file with the membership secretary. Currently, this is a majority of members of the chapter. There is a small number of members who choose not to receive the Digest. If there are no posts to the list there will be, of course, no mailing.

The mailing list is a great way of picking the minds of other members of the group! One of the best reasons to join the ACBS is to tap the knowledge of other members. This service will allow you to do that more effectively.

To post to the Digest, e-mail: Clicking on the preceding link will most likely open up your e-mail client and you can enter your post. Choose an appropriate subject for your post. To respond to a question or comment which appears on the Digest, please copy the text to which you want to respond and paste it into an e-mail message addressed to the address above. Enter an appropriate subject heading. Do NOT simply reply to the address on the e-mail message. If you do, it includes extraneous information which looks messy. It might be useful to put the mailing list Digest address in your e-mail address book. To subscribe or unsubscribe, e-mail the changes to:

A couple rules, probably not needed, but I'll mention them anyway.
1. Please! No commercial posts from businesses! Commercial posts from businesses ARE accepted on the ACBS-PNW website want-ads.
2. Personal for-sale notices are allowed. If you have a boat or some junk you need to get rid of, that is appropriate. You may want to consider posting for-sale or wanted notices on the website since it gets so much more traffic. That's your decision, however.
3. No attachments are allowed.
If you have questions or comments contact me at or post your question on the Diqest.

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