Let me know if you know of any links which should be included here. I'd especially like to know when your ACBS chapter goes online. As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, we do not feel it is appropriate to link to businesses.

Classic Boating Sites
ACBS Chapter Sites Small Craft Runabout Scrapboat
Marque Sites Maritime Museums Engine/Motorhead Section
General Classic Boat Sites Historical Boat Resources Club Classified Ads
Boat Racing Canal Boating Other

ACBS Chapter Sites
Adirondack chapter
Blue Ridge
Bob Speltz/Land o' Lakes

Clear Lake
Columbia Willamette
Finger Lakes
Heartland Classics
Inland Empire
International site
Lake Champlain

XLake Hopatcong
New England
Smith Mountain
Southern California
Thousand Island
Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes
Water Wonderland
Wine Country
Let me know when your chapter establishes a website.

Marque Sites
Lyman Owner's Association
Chris-Craft Club

Glasspar G-3
Feathercraft/Aluminum Boats
Simmons Sea Skiff
V-Drive Club Classic muscle boats of the 50s and 60s.
Fiberglassics Early fiberglass boats of the 50s and 60s. Highly recommended.
Fiberglassics-Northwest Chapter
Thames Vintage Boat Club-British boats
A site featuring Barbour boats.
Scandanavian Boats....not in English but great pictures
A locally built boat, the Sande Ace

General Classic Boat Sites
Woody Boater Antique and Classic Boat news.
The Classic Yacht Association is a club for classic power cruisers. And there is a Pacific Northwest
chapter site
Woodies on the Web is an excellent collection of images and information about classic boating by Kent O. Smith, Jr. of the Chesapeake Bay & Adirondack Chapters of the ACBS.
The Tahoe Concours d'Elegance establishes the standard for antique runabout shows. The Tahoe Yacht Club which hosts the show now has a web site.
Don't miss John Kohnen's excellent nautical link list
Like John Kohnens's site above, Stuart Wier's Great Encouragement to Boatwrights is another web veteran. It has a lot of general boatbuilding information. Mostly for smaller boats, but any would-be builder should find useful topic there. Look toward the bottom of the linked page.
Canoe and Boat Building for the Amateur The seminal 19th century work by W.P. Stephens. Online in its entirety.
Thames Vintage Boat Club Traditonal Boat links (world-wide)
The incredible journey of the crew of the Endurance in the Antarctic almost a century ago.
TradBoat. A general resource based in the UK. "Traditional Boats and Classic Boats both Power and Sail. Gaff Rig, Square Rig, Class Associations, One Designs. Maritime Museums, Models and Motor Boats. Here you will find something useful on every topic"
Australian Wooden Power boats...mostly race boats.

Boat Racing
In our group there are quite a number of people interested in hydroplane racing. This site gives coverage to the race circuit. Here's the American Powerboat Association; it's the governing authority for powerboat racing in this country. Here's the site of the American Powerboat Historical Society. You also might be interested in the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. Here's a site for outboard racing in the Seattle area.

Small Craft
Some ACBS chapters, particularly in the Northeast, emphasize small craft. The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association has an excellent site for traditionally built canoes.
The Traditional Small Craft Association was formed about twenty-five years ago to celebrate our small boat heritage. There is also a chapter in the Northwest.

Maritime Museums
The Antique Boat Museum has one of the finest collections of watercraft in the nation. Particularly fascinating are the wonderful small craft of the Thousand Island region. Many historic power raceboats are in the collection.
The Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum contains the archives of the late Bob Speltz, as well as a variety of wooden boats with emphasis on midwestern builders.  
Columbia Maritime Museum One of the finest maritime museums in the country is located in Astoria, Oregon. A fair number of small craft.
Maritime Museum of the Netherlands  Though largely in Dutch, there is an overview in English
Mary Rose The Mary Rose is an English warship which sank in the early 16th century. It was raised and is the center of this museum
Canadian Canoe Museum Both native and non-native canoe types are featured here.
New Hampshire Antique & Classic Boat Museum 
Mystic Seaport The finest maritime museum in the country.
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Adirondack Museum This upstate New York area saw the rise of many very fine small craft.
Mariners' Museum Contains the Chris-Craft archives. With your hull number you can obtain information about your boat.
Index of North American Maritime Museums There are many, many maritime museums in this country. They are all here.
The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, England. One of the finest maritime museums in the world.
The Kalakala A '30s era art deco ferry.
Lowells Boat Shop A boatshop which began in the late 1700s; now a museum
Here's a world-wide maritime museum guide.
Michigan Maritime Museum

Canal Boating
In the nineteenth century, Europe was interlaced with a network of canals. Then they were used for the transport of freight; now they are often used for pleasure boating. Here's a European canal site. This one is from British Waterways, a public body "responsible for maintaining and developing the waterways and their heritage for everyone to enjoy." There's a good link page for further exploration.

Runabout Scrapboat
I've come across some sites with images of owner's boats. If you find more let me know.
Blake Fleming wants to show the restoration of his 1954 Chris Craft Corsair Berkshire TV has several classic boats on their site. Steven Gray has set up a page for his 1959 17' Chris.

Engine/Motorhead Section
The Antique Outboard Motor club has a site devoted to....guess what?
Harry's Old Engines
OldMarineEngine.Com Contains excellent resource for smaller inboards. Also has a discussion group for a broad range of marine engines.
Marine Engine Discussion Group including ads.
One of the largest steamboat organizations in this country is the Northwest Steam Society. Excellent steam-related links.

Club Classified Ads
Bob Speltz/Land o' Lakes
Classic Yacht Association

Even in the unconventional crowd of traditional boaters, steamboat fans stand out. They have been known to drop an engine and boiler in almost any old tub, even (gasp) a fiberglass one. For them, a hull is simply a place to float an engine while they massage and tinker with it. The International Steamboat Society is a site you might want to check out.
Thinking about going out in the boat? How's the weather on Lake Washington? A camera at the University of Washington is pointed toward Lake Washington; it is updated every few minutes, 24 hours a day. It gives wind speed as well. No need to go outside; after all, it might be raining. Also, here's a site which gives images of freeway conditions, some of which are shots of Lake Washington. So, if you live in the area, you can use it to check the lake conditions, too. If you live somewhere else, well, too bad. Here's a live view which you can control from the Space Needle.
OK--you seem like a pretty broad-minded person. Who knows, maybe you've even been out in a sailboat a time or two. If so, maybe you'd like to look at Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Pages. There's lots of links to waterborne recreation and things nautical. In particular interest are a lot of historical maritime links.
(Rant mode on.) I just can't understand people who will spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their boat and not take the time to learn how to tie knots which may protect their investment against damage. I once went to the San Juans on a customer's boat; (Name withheld to protect the guilty.) I soon learned that he didn't know how to tie any knots except maybe his shoes. He should have looked at this excellent site: the Ropers Knots Page, You might also look at the newsgroup rec.crafts.knots
This one seems to be a combination gun and boat club. They've got some big boats. But gray seems such a boring color.
Decorating your boat for the big festivities? You wouldn't want to do a clumsy job dressing ship with signal flags. Check it out; it'll save you ever so much embarrassment at the yacht club.
Don't forget the boat building newsgroup. Try on your news server. Rants, raves-all you could want in a newsgroup!
The US Power Squadron has an on-line boat-handling test and other information.
And here's a few words from the Northwest's very own Coast Guard 13th Regional District!