Throughout the year thousands of people are involved in the hobby of antique boating. The boats types are varied; so are their owners. They are united, however, in their love of classic boats. Since its founding in 1975 the Antique and Classic Boat Society has been a major resource for those interested in antique boats. Over the years, the Society has grown into the largest group of its kind in the world. With over 40 chapters scattered though the United States and Canada, you are probably very close to a local chapter. Most of the boat in the ACBS are runabouts; however, other types of boats are welcome as well.

The skills needed to restore and enjoy antique boats are not easily available today. The ACBS aids in the dissemination of information though boatshows and its excellent quarterly publication, the ACBS Rudder. The magazine publishes how-to articles, cruising stories The Society also publishes an invaluable annual directory of owners and their boats. Using the directory one can usually find a boatowner that can aid one's restoration project.

There are many benefits of membership: All national members of the ACBS receive The ACBS Rudder, an informative quarterly of chapter events, tips on restoration and extensive want-ad listings. Members receive a directory of other members, addresses and boat ownership. By using this directory, you can find others with a similar boat; you can contact them if you have question about your boat. Video tapes, films, slides, educational, programs and other materials are available for use by chapters.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter is one of the most active in the Society. The moderate climate of the Northwest allows us to enjoy our boats nearly year around. We have events in nearly every month of the year. The highlight of our season is our boat show. Each year at the end of July, about 60 antique speedboats gather on the shores of Lake Washington. We are offering a very limited number of boat show posters from previous shows. Other major events include the spectacular Opening Day Parade at the beginning of the boating season. Three major highlights of our year are: Opening Day Parade the first weekend in May, this year the 6th and 7th.  Summer boat show this year at Gene Coulon Park July 22nd and Mahogany and Merlot first weekend in October this year 6th, 7th and 8th.

We support our members in a variety of ways: We have a newsletter for notice of activities, restoration advice and want-ads for boats and junk. We now offer our members a mailing list so that they can quickly and efficiently contact other members with boats for sale, junk to trade or just to get advice on restoration projects. For more information see the mailing list page. If you are in the area we would be happy to see you at one of our monthly meetings. The ACBS Pacific Northwest Chapter would like to have you as a member. For more information regarding joining our chapter, please see our membership application or email our membership coordinator, Kirk Knapp. You could also contact our President Steve Snider 206-714-2404, or by e-mail. (Here's a list of our other officers.) We believe that membership in the ACBS will contribute greatly increase your enjoyment of your boat. We all were novices in the classic boating hobby once. Joining our association will speed your education. Here's a page to help you get started. But perhaps the most important reason for joining the Antique and Classic Boat Society is your association with others who share a love of old boats. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

"......your site has become the largest single collection of classic boats and parts on the web." S.S. California 

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